Wisconsin Hemp Seeds

Wisconsin Hemp Seeds

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CBD Hemp Seeds For Growing In Wisconsin

It is legal to grow hemp in Wisconsin via the state’s Hemp Pilot Research Program. The application period for the 2020 growing season is open to both hemp growers and processors.  Among other things, the state requires a research proposal to grow hemp in Wisconsin legally.

Please note, Wisconsin’s Hemp Research Pilot Program will expire on October 31, 2020. Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is currently developing a framework to regulate hemp cultivation when the pilot program expires. The state expects USDA approval in time for the 2021 growing season.

Get Licensed to Grow Hemp in Wisconsin

There are two types of hemp licenses available in Wisconsin: a Grower License and a Processor License. A Hemp Grower License is suitable for anyone wanting to cultivate and harvest hemp. Conversely, a Hemp Processor License is ideal for those who wish to store and handle hemp biomass and process it into a marketable product. Those who will only process hemp that they grow need only apply for a Grower License in Wisconsin. Registrants can submit hemp license applications online or send them directly to the Department.

In addition to the application form, registrants must also submit a Background Check Form to the DATCP. The background check must confirm that no applicants have had a felony drug conviction in any US state in the past.

The initial Grower License must also accompany a one-time $150 fee There is no fee for a processor license in Wisconsin. Licenses require annual renewal and the payment of additional renewal fees. The annual grower fee is $350, and the yearly processor fee is $100.

Wisconsin Hemp Sampling and Testing

License-holders must grant the DATCP full access to hemp growing and processing locations. DATCP may inspect all growing sites, processing facilities, storage areas, and so on.

Furthermore, the DATCP must test a representative sample of all hemp crops in the state. The license-holder must notify the Department via email ([email protected]) or phone call (844-449-4367) at least 30 days before the expected harvest date. The Department will contact the licensee within two weeks before harvest to take hemp samples.

An inspector will take a representative sample from the top two inches of flowering hemp plants. They will then dry a composite sample to determine the crop’s total THC content of the dry-weight sample.

If the Department confirms hemp crop compliance, they will certify the plants as “Fit for Commerce.” License-holders with crops that fail THC compliance testing may request a re-test within ten days after receiving the crop test report. If a licensee chooses not to re-test, or if the second test also fails, he or she must destroy the corresponding crop(s).

The Department requires that each contiguous land area gets tested. There is a $250 fee associated with testing, invoiced by the DATCP upon sending the samples.

Mandatory Hemp Reporting

Field growers must submit a Field Planting Report any time hemp plants or seeds go into the ground. Likewise, greenhouse growers must submit a Greenhouse Planting Report after both receiving hemp plants and cultivating them from seed.

Similarly, Processor licensees must submit a Final Report annually to help the Department track how much hemp is processed and handled in the state. The Department will mail the Final Report forms to all processor license holders during the last week of September. Processors have until October to complete and submit the Final Report to the DATCP.

Finally, it is the responsibility of the license-holder to keep careful records of the following information:

  • Seed variety and source
  • Hemp production information
  • “Fit for Sale” certification
  • Contact information of those who purchased the hemp
  • Hemp crop destruction methods (if applicable)

Buy Wisconsin Hemp Seeds

Wisconsin residents have experienced some difficulty when operating under the state’s hemp program. Most notably, many hemp farmers in Wisconsin have noted the high price of hemp seeds compared to a relatively low germination rate. As such, the state has enacted a hemp seed regulation program to help protect hemp seed buyers from unnecessary financial risk. The program aims to ensure seed viability and maintain low THC levels in hemp throughout the state.

Wisconsin insists that all of those engaged in the sale of hemp seeds in the state have the proper seed label permits in place. They also require hemp farmers to grow only approved CBD hemp varieties such as BaOX, Cherry Wine, and Merlot. Licensees may also request that additional cultivars get added to the approved hemp variety list by emailing their request to [email protected].

To learn more about Wisconsin’s Hemp Program, visit their website or contact us to hear how we can help.

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Seeds By State

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom hemp seeds produce large, dense buds with a high concentration of CBD. The plant is resilient to stress and fares well in variable environments. Buds are flavorful with a high resin content ideal for commercial growers and extraction specialists.


Merlot hemp flower is a beautiful, indica-dominant strain with moderately high CBD levels averaging at about 11 percent. Known for its smooth smoke and distinct fruity, alcohol flavor, Merlot is a popular choice among consumers who want a relaxing nightcap without any calories.

Berry Blossom

Berry Blossom is an easy-to-grow hemp variety with boutique-style qualities. It produces thick, terpene-rich flowers throughout its extended grow period. The bright green and pink colas radiate with a powerful perfume of fruit and berries.

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine is a careful cross between The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries. It is a particularly sweet strain with abundant growth and resin development. It’s CBD content ranges from 15 to 20 percent and its THC levels average about .25 percent.


Titan is a hemp strain with mighty in-bred lineage. Crossing two types of the Spectrum hemp strain leads to a resilient plant that can thrive in almost any condition. Titan hemp seeds are perfect for businesses that earn their keep with extraction. Titan yields an exceptional amount of biomass.


T2 hemp seeds produce dependable, fast-flowering hemp plants with huge buds and copious trichome counts. By pairing Spectrum with Trump 1 (T1), our breeders have continuously grown compliant hemp plants. These CBD hemp seeds produce beautiful flowers with moderate to high CBD concentrations.

Cherry Bubblegum

Cherry Bubblegum is a versatile CBD hemp strain that produces large, flavorful buds and a substantial amount of resinous trichomes. Thick colas develop throughout its long growing season, thus significantly increasing the biomass of a single harvest. Those who plant seeds early in the season will reap tremendous rewards come harvest in late September to early October.


BaOX is a popular hemp strain with lineage direct from the Hindu Kush mountain range. As such, this potent strain leans heavily indica, as evident in her growing patterns and heavy dusting of cannabinoid-rich trichomes. BaOX hemp seeds grow to produce massive colas with a kaleidoscope of deep green and purple colors. Her perfume is rich, filled with sweet pine musk and her flavor is reminiscent of incense and herbs.

Cherry Trump

Cherry Trump is a sweet addition to the Fortuna collection. She produces bold, flavorful buds that reak of skunk and cherry, and drip with potent trichomes. Known to produce flowers with more than 20 percent CBD content, this high CBD hemp strain is quickly becoming the talk of the town.