Executive Team

Allison Gualdi, Founder - Fortuna

Allison Gualdi

Allison Gualdi made her way into the cannabis space in 2014 following the passing of Amendment 64. Beginning as a manager for Maggie’s Farm dispensaries, Allison became an expert at navigating the ever-changing cannabis legislation landscape. She maintained regulatory compliance of the dispensary’s 42 licenses through the establishment and implementation of all critical operating procedures. Now, with over five years of cannabis licensing and compliance experience, Allison has proven her ability to integrate best practices into her tightly-regulated cannabis business. Allison plans to use this experience to deliver top-quality, fully-compliant feminized hemp seeds to the newly regulated hemp CBD industry.
Anthony Gualdi, Chief Executive Officer - Fortuna

Anthony Gualdi

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Founder of a globally-renowned cannabis seed retailer, Anthony managed to turn his passion for cannabis breeding into a lucrative business. Pulling from years of experience as a cannabis seed breeder, he transformed his small seed business into a multi-million-dollar cannabis seed company in just a few short years. He hopes to use this same business acumen at Fortuna by turning his focus to feminized hemp seeds – an especially valuable commodity following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Thanks to his long experience as a seed breeder coupled with a close network of industry peers, Anthony is uniquely positioned to dominate the hemp seeds market at Fortuna Hemp.

Fortuna Team

Tank Shake

Tank Shake

Chief Web Officer (CWO)
Tank Shake is Fortuna’s Chief Website Officer. As such, he manages the digital branding and online presence of Fortuna Hemp with expert skill. As one of the top SEO consultants in the cannabis and hemp industries, he has a firm understanding of the intricacies of cannabis/hemp digital marketing best practices, as evident in his long-standing track record of success within the industry.

Tank Shake holds a Masters Degree in Psychology with a focus in Consumer Psychology, Data Structures, and Algorithms. He also holds his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering with a focus on Marketing Statistics. Additionally, he studied Industrial and Organizational Psychology abroad.

Tank Shake has certifications in Google G Suite, Google Cloud Platform, Linux (LPIC) & Penetration Testing (LPT). He also builds custom websites and develops custom cloud infrastructures. Ranked #1 Best Cannabis/Hemp Seed Bank SEO Professional.

Jeanne Schmitt

Customer Support
As Fortuna’s Customer Service Manager, Jeanne Schmitt’s top priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. She oversees all customer inquiries, concerns, and complaints, and constantly strives to improve the overall buyer experience.

With more than 30 years of experience in fields like customer service, management, and financial consulting, Jeanne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Fortuna team. Additionally, as a cannabis patient and advocate, she has a deep understanding of common cannabis and hemp-related questions and concerns.

When Jeanne is not working at Fortuna or her financial consulting firm, she tends to her cherry orchard while working toward her herb practitioner license. As a Stage 4 cancer survivor, Jeanne firmly believes in the healing power of Mother Nature and looks forward to sharing her passion with all Fortuna members.

Abby Hash

Abby Hash

Content Director
Abby Hash is the Content Director at Fortuna Hemp. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in General Studies from Fort Hays State University in 2012. She began freelance copywriting shortly after graduation while continuing to raise her two small children.

Upon the passing of Colorado’s Amendment 64 legalizing adult recreational cannabis consumption, Abby turned her focus to cannabis copywriting and has been a successful cannabis writer ever since. She is now a regular contributor to publications like Pot Guide, CannaPages, and the M&F Talent Blog.

As an ever-driven Capricorn, Abby is also the founder of Cannabis Content, a marketplace designed to connect cannabis and hemp creatives with businesses in the industry.

Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan

Owner - Joey Farms
Joey Ryan is an independent seed breeder with more than ten years of experience developing premium cannabis and hemp seed genetics. His passion allows him to travel the nation perfecting hemp seed genetics in a variety of climates and cultivation environments. Joey discovered his passion as a young man when he began dabbling in basic cannabis cultivation techniques. Realizing his talent, he went on to become a renowned seed breeder and cannabis/ hemp farm consultant. Joey hopes to use his expertise to promote the wide-spread adoption of hemp and hemp-based products.

Follow Joey to learn more about his journey as a hemp seed breeder.

Gagah Sukmoaji

Graphic Designer
Gagah Sukmoaji has been a freelance graphic designer for seven years after earning his Bachelor’s of Science degree in 2010. He is among the few top-level designers to win many graphic design competitions through numerous crowdsourcing platforms. As such, he is a proud addition to the Fortuna team.

After winning more than 150 design competitions (most of which related to cannabis), Gagah became a leading designer for many of the industry’s top brands. As such, Gagah is truly a valuable asset to the Fortuna team.

When Gagah is not creating digital graphics, he spends his time teaching college-level design courses, cross-country biking, and playing music in his band. Check out more of Gagah’s design work on his Instagram page.